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Things to Learn

All lessons are tailored around your needs.  There is no set training course, so you can make the most of your lessons and learn only the things you want to.  However, if you’re not sure what to do with your computer, below are a few ideas of things you could learn with me. If there’s something very specific you’d like to learn - I will do my best to accommodate your personal requirements.

Internet shopping or banking

Search using Google

Watch BBC iPlayer or other TV

Find the news and weather

Grocery home delivery

Buy and sell online (Ebay)

Get maps and directions

Chat or video-calling (Zoom or Skype)



Type and print a letter

Save a template for eg invoices and estimates

Create a birthday card or poster

Produce a newsletter

Save and organise documents

Change the look of documents

Print envelopes and labels

Save and send documents as PDFs


Learn simple ways to organise your documents and emails

Search emails quickly using different criteria.

Delete large blocks of unwanted emails.

Create email folders to store important emails.

Use filters and rules to automatically forward, move, categorise or delete emails.

Unsubscribe or block email addresses.

‘Snooze’ emails to deal with at a later time

Simple practices to help keep on top of your emails.

And more!

Digital Clutter drains your energy - fact!

Trying to find what you need amongst hundreds (or thousands) of emails or in disorganised and scattered folders takes time and energy. It can actually make you tired. Having a clutter free desktop and efficient filing systems in place can free up physical and mental space, so you can relax and concentrate on other things. Just imagine having a clean inbox at the end of every day!

Learn once, never go back

Once you’ve learned how to organise your folders, files and emails, you can never unlearn it!  With an easy and efficient system in place, storing and maintaining your files will be a breeze. And, If the thought of getting started seems overwhelming, I can give hands on help to get you going.

Unique to your work and lifestyle

I understand everyone uses their computer differently. Whether it’s organising photos, documents, emails or other stuff, for work or leisure,  I’ll work with you to find a simple system that makes sense to you and that you will be able to maintain for the long term.

Create simple and structured folders in which to store all your documents, photos etc

Learn good naming conventions for all your documents.

Use the built in search to find things easily.

Organise your files in a way that works for you and is easy to maintain for the long term.

Quickly move, delete and rename items.

Store items in the ‘cloud’ and on memory sticks.

Simple practices to keep your files tidy.

And more!

Create folders and albums in which to save your photos. Sort and move your photos.

Save your photos to and from the ‘cloud’.

Save your photos onto a memory stick.

Improve your photos using photo editing tools.

Add locations and descriptions to your photos.

Share your photos with friends, family or to social media (WhatsApp, Facebook etc)

Create a photo book from your photos.

And more!

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Other Things to Learn

Set up your computer from scratch

Set up your phone or tablet

Connect to Broadband

Go wireless

Set up a wireless printer

Get an antivirus program

Connect to a router or modem

Connect a webcam for video-calling


Downloading Apps on a tablet or phone

Using the phone camera and video

Build a website

Play and record music

Scan documents and photographs

Personalise the look of your device

Remove Apps and programs

Transfer photos from a phone to a PC

Learn Quickbooks Accounts


Get a new email address

Send emails to friends and family

Read and reply to emails

Send photos or documents with emails (attachments)

Organise and store emails

Store names and addresses

Create email groups

Learn Word (word processing)

Learn Excel (spreadsheets)

Learn PowerPoint (presentations)

Learn Publisher (create adverts, brochures, newsletters and more)

Learn Outlook (emails)

Also - OpenOffice, Google Docs or Sheets, Apple Numbers or Pages



How to use Search Folders lesson computer online training

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